Our faithful Business Law Section lobbyist Bill Wiley reports that the following bills may be of interest to Florida IP lawyers.  Plan to discuss them at our upcoming meeting Thursday, January 21st in Orlando.

S586 GENERAL BILL by Fasano (Similar H 0279)

Data Destruction [CPSC]; Provides definitions. Requires all public agencies and private entities that collect personal information to adhere to the procedures provided in the National Institute of Standards and Technology “Guidelines for Media Sanitization” when destroying such information, etc.


Pub. Rec./Proprietary Confidential Business Info. [CPSC];  Provides that proprietary confidential business information held by an agency is confidential and exempt from public records requirements. Authorizes any person to petition a court for the public release of those portions of a record made confidential and exempt by the act. Provides that the act does not supersede any other applicable public records exemptions that existed before a certain date, etc.