IP Committee History

Following is a partial list of the past leadership of the IP Committee. Committee members with long memories are encouraged to send updates to this page to backfill historical information. Please contact the current Chair to provide your updates.

2020-21 Leadership

Jim Matulis, Chair
Michele Moss, First Vice Chair
Samuel Lewis, Second Vice Chair

2019-20 Leadership

Jaqueline Tadros, Chair
Jim Matulis, Fist Vice Chair
Michele Moss, Second Vice Chair

2018-19 Leadership

Terry Sanks,  Chair
Jaqueline Tadros, First Vice Chair
Jim Matulis, Second Vice Chair

2017-18 Leadership

Michael Colitz, III, Chair
Terry Sanks, First Vice Chair
Jaqueline Tadros, Second Vice Chair

2016-17 Leadership

Kimra Major-Morris, Chair
Michael Colitz, III, First Vice Chair
Terry Sanks, Second Vice Chair

 2015-16 Leadership

Woody Pollack, Chair
Kimra Major-Morris, Vice Chair, Legislation
Michael Colitz, III, Vice Chair, CLE

2014-15 Leadership

Dineen Pashoukos Wasylik, Chair
Woody Pollack, Vice Chair, Legislation
Kimra Major-Morris, Vice Chair, CLE

2013-14 Leadership

Ury Fischer, Chair
Dineen Pashoukos Wasylik, Vice Chair, Legislation
Woody Pollack, Vice Chair, CLE

2012-13 Leadership

Leora Hermann, Chair
Ury Fischer, Vice Chair, Legislation
Dineen Pashoukos Wasylik, Vice Chair, CLE

2011-12 Leadership

Robert H. Thornburg, Chair
Leora Hermann, Vice Chair, Legislation
Ury Fischer, Vice Chair, CLE

2009-11 Leadership

Joel B. Rothman, Chair
Robert H. Thornburg, Vice Chair

2007-09 Leadership

Mark Stein, Chair
Joel B. Rothman, Vice Chair
Robert H. Thornburg, CLE PRogram Chair

2005-07 Leadership

Jeanne L. Seewald, Chair
Mark Stein, Vice Chair

2003-05 Leadership

James A. Gale, Chair
Jeanne L. Seewald, Vice Chair

2001-03 Leadership

Stephen Nagin, Chair
James A. Gale, Vice Chair

1999-2001 Leadership

Michael Chesal, Chair
Stephen Nagin, Vice Chair

1997-1999 Leadership

Ava K. Doppelt, Chair
Michael Chesal, Vice-Chair

1995-1997 Leadership

Steven Peretz, Chair
Ava K. Doppelt, Vice Chair

1993-1995 Leadership

C. Douglas McDonald, Chair
Steven Peretz, Vice Chair

1990-1993 Leadership

Leslie Lott, Chair
C. Douglas McDonald, Vice Chair

1989-1990 Leadership

Leslie Lott, Vice Chair