Join us for the first IP Committee Monthly Attorney Roundtable

The IP Committee will be holding its first IP Committee Monthly Attorney Roundtable on Wednesday, April 14 from 12:00 – 1:00 via Zoom.
Join your fellow committee members to share notes about all things IP and meet (or reconnect with) your peers in the IP Community.
For the first meeting, there is no formal agenda – just an open floor to share news, ask and answer questions the group may have about new developments in IP, the courts, procedures before the PTO or judges, cases you are handling, or anything else of interest.
We may modify the format for future meetings — possibly to include a more formal but brief (5-10 minute) presentation on a new development that may be of interest — so join us for the first meeting and help us create a format that adds value to your busy practice.
Roundtable meetings will be held via Zoom during the second Wednesday of each month, so mark your calendar for the future. But don’t worry, we will send you reminders and signup links as each date approaches.
We look forward to seeing – and hearing from you – then!

Trade Secrets Law Bill Before the FL Legislature

Please see the attached a bill, and analysis, directed towards repealing all public record exemptions for trade secrets in current law, all associated processes for designating a trade secret, and all references to trade secrets contained in definitions for proprietary business information.  The House bill has had one hearing in the House, but the Senate bill has not been heard.

Please review and provide me your initial thoughts on this bill.  Also, in view of this bill, if the sentiment is this will result in bad law, we will need volunteers to prepare a white paper.  Any volunteers?

Thanks, Terry M. Sanks